Wild Bluegrass at the festival

They have lived their lives on famous stages and in the orchestra-pits of New York’s Broadway. Now they will bring their high-energy bluegrass to Finnmark. Get ready for the “NyCity Slickers”. “We are thrilled to move from one continent to another to participate in this Norwegian-American cultural exchange”, says Faser Hardin, the band-leader of “NyCity Slickers”. He speaks with an enthusiasm that is characteristic of Americans, as well as people from Finnmark. When Faser Hardin met the director Knut Erik Jensen in the Manhattan neighborhood “Hell’s Kitchen” two years ago, they quickly hit it on, and later an unusually strong connection has manifest itself between Nordkapp and New York.

Back with a vengeance
In September last year, Faser Hardin, his spouse Annie Chadwick and their daughter Abigail Hardin, who together form the core of the NyCity Slickers, were the festival’s designated musicians, along with local musicians The musical spicing of the festival was well received, and this year the full  band, eight musicians strong, will play bluegrass instruments like fiddle, accordion, bass guitar, mandolin, guitar, spoons and washboards.

NyCity Slickers is a group with a great deal of skill and experience from several sides of the New York musical scene. The band-leader, Faser Hardin, has worked as musical director on Broadway for several years, involved with musicals like “A Chorus Line”. His wife, Annie Chadwick, has experience both as an actress and a opera-singer. For their daughter Abigail, the road from the family’s small apartment in Hell’s Kitchen to the great musicals on Broadway was short. Abigail was a star at age four, and has as an adult been nominated to two Tony Awards.
To provide the audience with top quality, the band has brought their regular sound-tech, who works at Dubway Studios, one of the most respected studios in New York. The band has played on a wide range of New York clubs, among them The Bitter End, Rockwood and The Hill Country Club. They have also published two EP’s, called “Layin’ it down” and “Cotton Comet Sky”.

American support of cultural workshop
Already on the opening it will be possible to hear the NYCity Slickers, both in the festival tent and during the official opening of the festival in the cinema auditorium. You will find more information about the rest of the concerts in the official festival program.
In addition to delivering their concert performances, the group will also, in collaboration with the Finnmark school of culture, host workshops for musicians from the region. In these sessions, musical energy from Finnmark and New York will be brought together. Traditional Norwegian songs will be given a bluegrass-spin, later to be presented before the audience.
The festival has taken on the role of main-host of this Norwegian-American cultural exchange, and is very glad that Finnmark County and the American Embassy both support the project, and have agreed to sponsor the travel-expenses of the entire group. The cultural exchange is thus well founded on both sides of the Atlantic.

You can find more information on the band’s web-page: www.nycityslickers.com

The project has received financial support from the American Embassy and Finnmark county administration.


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