«Bjørnøya: Follow your dream» will open Nordkapp Film Festival

Bjørnøya plakat

It is with great pleasure Nordkapp Film Festival can announce that the Norwegian documentary “Bjørnøya: Follow your dream” will set off the festival on the 10th of September. Director Inge Wegge presents a film about three brothers who wish to surf waves that no one has surfed before them. Their dream lead them to Bjørnøya, neighbor to the more well-known Spitsbergen. For two months they live on the island, self-sustained with food and equipment. They seek the simpler life at one with nature, connected to the joys of mountains, sea, snow air.

The opening film “Bjørnøya: Follow your dream” is shown at 1900 on Wednesday September 10th.

You can find more information about the film here.

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