Nordkapp Filmfestival 9 - 13 september 2015

Dato for  Nordkapp Filmfestival AS  2015:
Nordkapp Barne og ungdoms filmfestival 4 - 6 september 2015
Nordkapp Filmfestival 9 - 13 september 2015

Program - Nordapp Filmfestival 2014


The program for Nordkapp Filmfestival 2014 is now available, we have only a norwegian version.

Program Nordkapp Filmfestival 2014

Wild Bluegrass at the festival


They have lived their lives on famous stages and in the orchestra-pits of New York’s Broadway. Now they will bring their high-energy bluegrass to Finnmark. Get ready for the “NyCity Slickers”. “We are thrilled to move from one continent to another to participate in this Norwegian-American cultural exchange”, says Faser Hardin, the band-leader of “NyCity Slickers”. He speaks with an enthusiasm that is characteristic of Americans, as well as people from Finnmark. When Faser Hardin met the director Knut Erik Jensen in the Manhattan neighborhood “Hell’s Kitchen” two years ago, they quickly hit it on, and later an unusually strong connection has manifest itself between Nordkapp and New York.

Festival program announced on the first of September


The official program of the festival will be announced on the first of September, and made available on the festival’s web-page. Much of the content is already in place, and we can offer the following teasers.

«Bjørnøya: Follow your dream» will open Nordkapp Film Festival

Bjørnøya plakat

It is with great pleasure Nordkapp Film Festival can announce that the Norwegian documentary “Bjørnøya: Follow your dream” will set off the festival on the 10th of September. Director Inge Wegge presents a film about three brothers who wish to surf waves that no one has surfed before them. Their dream lead them to Bjørnøya, neighbor to the more well-known Spitsbergen. For two months they live on the island, self-sustained with food and equipment. They seek the simpler life at one with nature, connected to the joys of mountains, sea, snow air.

«Good Girl» will conclude Nordkapp Film Festival

Flink pike

The director, Solveig Melkeraaen, will present the closing film on the 14th of September.
Ida Balto, the head of the program comitee, is pleased to announce that the closing film of the festival is the Norwegian documentary “Good Girl”, directed by Solveig Melkeraaen. The film opens at cinemas in October this year. Melkeraaen has made a documentary about herself and her family, and what they experienced when she was hospitalized at a psychiatric ward, diagnosed with severe depression.

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